Pre-Planned Funerals

Get peace of mind by planning ahead

Consideration for other is the most common reason for making funeral arrangements in advance. This can in no way hasten our death, but can avoid much confusion and anxiety for our family members and loved ones.  Many of us die without making our funeral wishes clear to others.

Most of us die without making financial provisions towards the costs of funeral arrangements.

McAtee-FDS have three options which are listed below (please click on the option relevant to you)
Pre-Planning Funeral Plan

This simple form is easy to use and completely free and aims to guide you through the process of planning your funeral, and also help your relatives and the executors to your will by indicating your wishes clearly. If you have questions about filling in the form, please contact Patrick on 028 82840806 or at

You may complete the form electronically and send it back to us via email, or you can print it out and post it to us at 163 Edergole Road, Omagh, BT78 2NQ. If you would like to attach any other files such as words for a reading, or any additional instructions you can do that too. It would also be sensible to file a copy with your personal documents and/or will. You may complete as much or as little of the form as you wish.

Pre Planning Download
Death Benefit Insurance (Credit Union)

Introduced in 1995, the main purpose of this insurance is to provide basic life cover to credit union members at an affordable price. The cover is offered as a rider (or endorsement) to the Life Savings insurance policy. Death Benefit Insurance is underwritten by ECCU Assurance Company Limited. If a credit union decides to participate then it must include at least 50% of the eligible members.

During the life of the insured it gives the family added security and reduces worries about the future.

Many credit unions offer this cover as part of the insurance provided by the credit union.

What are the benefits?

The actual amount of insurance benefit may vary from one credit union to the other. The minimum benefit offered is £1,000.00 in Northern Ireland and €1,300.00 in the Republic of Ireland and the maximum is £2,500.00/€3,250.00 respectively. You should check for details of the benefit offered by your credit union.

If you are a member of a participating member, you are eligible for this insurance provided your premium has been paid and you:

  • Are over 16 years of age. 
  • Joined the credit union before 70 years of age.
  • Remained a member of the credit union.
  • Are or have been eligible for cover under the Life Savings Policy.

Once you are covered by this policy and provided annual premiums are paid, your benefit is not affected in any way, even by illness.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan
To discuss a tailored made Pre-paid Funeral Plan, please call Patrick on 028 82840806 or at 
What does it cost and how do I apply?

Please talk to your local credit union about this insurance or contact Patrick on 028 82840806 or at for application details.