My heart is broken


I remember the day I met you,
And the day God made you mine:
I remember the day He took you,
And will till the end of time.

We made our vows together,
Till death do us part,
But when God came and took you,
My whole world fell apart.

I often pause in my daily task,
And by my side you’ll be:
A million memories bring you back,
To stay a while with me.

The years we spent together
I keep within my heart;
For they hold precious memories
Which will never let us part.

But I never knew such loneliness
Could bring such utter pain,
That memories would return to me
And wound my heart again.

So even in deep despair
I know that every tear I shed
Would grieve your heart that loved me,
So I’ll try to smile instead.

If I searched the whole world through,
I would not have found a wife and mother like you:
I think of you more each day,
My heart is broken….what more can I say.