It’s my time


Where do we go when it’s time to leave? It’s my time
Through the tunnel of light, where it’s clear and bright, It’s my time
My friends are all waiting on the other side
I’m a little bit scared, but my angel’s at my side, It’s my time

I know you’ll cry, But it’s my time
I know you’ll be wondering  ‘why. Why, why?’ But it’s my time
I can’t stay on Earth where my work is done
Heaven is great, I’m happy and it’s fun, It’s my time

I’ll always love you and you’ll always love me, But it’s my time
Never forget me, but I want you to move on ‘Coz it’s my time
All good things must come to an end
You’re in my heart, and you’ll always be my friend But it’s my time

Although we must part it’s only for a while It’s not your time
Make me proud as you carry on It’s not your time

I’ll wait for you till you’re old and grey
I’m sorry that you have to stay It’s not your time

Life is precious and although it’s not the same It’s not your time
Life will go on; I think you’ll find It’s not your time
I want you to promise that while I am away
You’ll love one another, I hope and pray

It’s my time, it’s my time…..It’s my time