Funeral Flowers


I’m sorry for the flowers,
That all around you lay.
That make the world a better place
To live in here today.

I should have bought them yesterday,
When you were still around.
But I thought I’d leave them longer,
Just laying in the ground.

For there were more tomorrows,
And I could buy again.
I didn’t know you wouldn’t stay,
To see their beauty then.

So please forgive the error,
And please accept their scent.
It’s here to say, “I love you”,
At this solemn event.

The perfume of the flowers,
Reminds me of your smile.
It percolates my being,
And lingers for a while.

And when the day is over,
And I am left alone.
The scent will still remind me,
Of the love that I have known