Christmas Sadness


Christmas time is here again,
bringing joy and bringing pain.
The world is happy, full of mirth,
to celebrate the saviours birth.

Those with memories of death,
moistened eyes and moistened breath.
See the world go laughing by,
whilst they just sit … and stare … and cry.

‘Normal’ days can come and go,
Anniversaries ebb and flow.
But Christmas time means such a lot,
the pain it brings can’t be forgot.

Whilst others mark the day with joy,
Celebrate the new born boy,
The day marks us with saddest pain,
And makes us cry … again … again.

Presents given and presents shared,
Not held back and nothing spared.
Not spared too is pain and grief,
Steals our joy without relief.

So Christmas times they come and go,
And some be filled with joy and glow.
But for me and those the same,
I feel the sadness … grief … and pain.